Fat Loss



The ThermaBurn Medical Fat Loss Program combines a comprehensive diet plan with medications, supplements and exercise programs customized around each individual’s current lifestyle.


After an initial consult an individualized program will be created according to each patient’s diagnostic testing results, goals and abilities. The main focus of the ThermaBurn Fat Loss program is to stimulate the body’s ability to burn body fat instead of carbohydrates as the main fuel source leaving each individual feeling and looking younger all while decreasing the risk of developing serious health issues in the future.




The logic that less food is better for successful weight loss, one to three meals a day, actually throws the body into a starvation mode which leads to the storage of every calorie consumed as adipose. This natural defense mechanism stems from the time when food was scarce and adipose fat served as an energy reserve not an aesthetic inconvenience.


Consuming five to six meals/day converts this physiological energy storage process into a caloric expenditure mechanism, fat burning. Providing a meal every 2-3 hours trains the body to not store calories as fat but instead burn them for energy since the next meal is only a few hours away.


The Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) is one of the three major metabolisms of the body that accounts for the calories burned during the consumption, digestion, absorption and incorporation of nutrients. Keeping the TEF high results in an increased ability to burn fat and prevent fat accumulation. The supplements and medications that may be used during this diet work to augment the fat loss potential while making the conversion from fat storing to fat burning much easier.


With fat loss as the main objective of the ThermaBurn Diet, don’t rely on the scale as a gauge for your progress. Let what you see in mirror and how you feel act as reference for your success. Many patients who are adding exercise to their program will also be adding muscle to their physic so a drastic drop in weight won’t be seen numerically, but physically it will be very apparent.


From a health stand point, the normalization of blood sugar and cholesterol levels can be seen along with improvements in every aspect of one’s life. From improved energy and sleep to decreases in inflammation and chronic pain. Loosing excess fat is one of the best investments one can make in themselves.