Internal Dermatology



The appearance of our skin, hair and nails is dictated by how well our internal biochemistry is balanced. Physiological stress results in numerous aesthetic manifestations such as thinning hair, acne, hyper/hypo pigmented blemishes, brittle nails and loose skin. Managing these manifestations from the inside out allows for more power corrections and long lasting results.

Lifestyle Medicine uses several approaches to correcting and alleviating internal stressors through hormone balancing, medical nutrition/detox and IV therapies.

Hormones such as IGF-1 play a critical role in the repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration of collagen and hair follicles. Optimizing IGF-1 concentrations in the body allows for healthier looking skin, stronger nails and fuller hair. Coupling this with concentrated medical nutrition and detoxification using uniquely the uniquely formulated Beauty and Cleanse IV regimens enhancing physiological ability of the body to rejuvenate its overall system by providing the essential nutrients and removing the toxic build up.

As with all programs at LFSTM, suggested diet routines are provided and encouraged to promote a long lasting overall effect for the years to come.