Wrinkle Correction

Lifestyle Medicine According to Dr. Ivan…

I believe that one’s lifestyle invariably dictates their overall health. Those who are confident about their appearance, energy levels, sexual prowess, fitness ability, and mental fortitude will demonstrate improvements in life sustaining metabolic process throughout the body. With a strong adherence to the ideology of the connection between mind and body, helping one feel as if they were 25 years old again, will lead to both a lifestyle enhancement and life rejuvenating experience.

I developed this model of medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, early on in my educational experience in medical school.

I came to find that with traditional medicine the prolongation of death was more important than the augmentation of life.

A philosophy I didn’t agree with.

Lifestyle Medicine holds fast to the idea that aging is a choice we all make unknowingly every day. Every cigarette we smoke, every drink we drink, every extra serving of starchy and fatty food we indulge in, and every extended night out we decide to take weighs heavily on our body’s health and in turn ages us.