Programs & Treatments

Lifestyle Medicine offers a vast array of treatments and programs that are customized to each patients unique biochemistry and lifestyle. With a focus being place one treating ones mentality, physicality and emotionality we believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Programs & Diagnostics

Complete hormonal analysis, dietary (food sensitivities),toxins, candida/gluten, neurotransmitters and basic bloodwork panel focused on improving fitness levels and reversingaging. This is the ideal for those looking to get in shape andachieve an overall better quality of life but not ready tocommit to a program itself.

IV Therapies

The IV treatments at LFSTM, unlike those at many IV clinics, are highly concentrated and contain over 10 ingredients per bag to start. Dr. Rusilko takes pride in delivering quality with his IV treatments, personally formulating them using his background as a physician and nutritionist. IV treatments can be administered without the need for bloodwork; only a medical history, along with the patient's desired goals, is required. These IV treatments have been pre-formulated and remain consistent each time

Peptide Therapies

Lifestyle Medicine and its sister company, Plasticity, are a kind of medical practice that focuses on customized Medical Lifestyle Management programs that treat ones mentality, physicality and emotionality. We aim to provide our patients a path towards improving both quality and quantity of life by unleashing the full potential of how the human body works.