Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Lifestyle Medicine

Imagine every time someone asks you how you feel, you are compelled to answer, “I feel amazing!” As you should! With Lifestyle Medicine, looking and feeling amazing is in reach.  Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s practice works to treat and manage the process of aging with an advanced clinical approach and an individualized prescription.  Practicing unmatched self-care results directly in weight loss, physical enhancement, better sex, hormone balancing, improved sleep, and helps to prevent or correct aging.  With the programs and practices at Lifestyle Medicine, one can expect to have more energy, lose weight, reach their exercise potential, have a better metabolism, greater bone density, lower cholesterol, stress reduction and an overall higher sense of self-worth.

Embark on the journey to feeling young and beautiful again.  Welcome back zest and energy, restful nights, reduced stress and enjoy the sex life you once did. Are you ready to turn back the clock?…Paging Dr. Ivan!

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Wellness Medicine

Enhances physical appearance health and lifestyle from the inside

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Aesthetic Medicine

Enhances physical appearance health and lifestyle from the outside

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IV Therapy

Infuses nutrients into the blood for lifestyle enhancements

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