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For a $400 consultation fee

A blood prescription will be provided that can one completed with any lab in your home town. You may use your insurance for this, but be sure that your insurance covers the blood panel costs. The $400 fee includes consultation and a prescription for your blood tests.

Dr. Ivan's Team

Once we have the results, we will send them to you and schedule the initial consultation and review of your results. It is important to note that programs with Dr. Rusilko and highly tailored and specific to your needs and biochemistry. Most programs can range anywhere from $2000 and higher, for a 2-month regimen. The costs are highly variable and based on the type of care provided.

Please feel free to email if you have further questions of concerns.

The best email is: drivanassist@lfstm.com
Best phone is: 305-458-7330
Thanks, Dr. Ivan's Team