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When deciding if Lifestyle Medicine is a good fit for you please review these frequently asked questions. If your questions are not answered here you can email them to . 

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Do you accept Insurance?

No, we do not accept any form of insurance but you are free to contact your insurance agent about reimbursement for your labs and services.

What are the costs?

The costs at Lifestyle Medicine vary according to what type of program or treatment you are doing. Please call our office at 305-458-7332 for a detailed explanation of the options and pricing. 

If I have old labs can they be used”

Outside lab testing will be subject to a $400 lab review fee and must have been taken within six months. Please note that most labs from outside providers are incomplete and will require additional testing. At LFSTM we aim to fix the problem not just mask it which requires the testing of many things most physicians don't look for. Things that can be the cause of biomarker irregularities and lifestyle dysfunctions that may go undiagnosed for years, for lifetimes.  

Why are your costs higher than other doctors?

We approach medicine in a much different way when compared to most doctors. Our focus is on the COMPLETE customization of the COMPLETE lifestyle. Dr. Rusilko provides personal contact with every patient along with diet and exercise plans centered around their desires and overall health. His experience in this industry as a physician, certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach and personal trainer rounds out the completeness in each program. 

Programs not only contain supplements and medications, they also include diet, nutrition, detoxification, sleep correction, addiction alleviation, sexual augmentation and fitness amplification. 

I don't live in Miami does that matter?

No, we have the privilege of treating patients hailing from all corners of the world and walks of life. Our mail in option allow us to treat patients nationally with certain diagnostic tests and medication/supplements being able to be shipped to your doorstep. We utilize telemedicine to interact with our patients regarding any questions and/or follow up consults. 

Dr. Rusilko does engage in house calls both locally and internationally which can be booked by calling the office. 

How long does it take for the tests to come back?

Testing turn around time relies on our partnering laboratories and postal systems. Some tests take a day while others several weeks to be returned so please be patient. We will contact you the second your full lab report is ready. 

How long will I be on my program?

This varies greatly among each patient. It is Dr. Rusilko’s goal to have every patient on and off their program within eight months (four 2 month cycles). This time frame allows the body to fully restart itself to a more youthful level. 

However, there are instances where life long treatments may be needed due to age, genetics, or current physical condition. These possibilities are discussed and addressed on a case by case basis. 

There are also those who want to feel healthy and act young indefinitely choosing to continue on their program for much longer. This can be done in a safe, effective, and fun way.

What kind of doctor is Dr. Rusilko? 

Dr. Rusilko is recognized by the state of Florida to practice all forms of general medicine from the prescription of medications to procedural based treatments. 

The form of medicine he was versed in is called Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathic Doctors carry the same rights, education and credentialing as MD’s but were trained more to focus on the prevention of disease and with a holistic approach.