Rusilko is a graduate of the largest medical college in the country, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he was selected for

the Deans Award for his outstanding moral character along with academic excellence among his graduating class of 2010.

He was also awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award (2018) by his undergraduate institution, Mercyhurst College, for the accomplishments he has made in his field. Dr. Rusilko was also the first student to complete the accelerated Medical Program presented by Mercyhurst College and LECOM where graduated early with automatic

acceptance into medical school. 

Dr. Ivan Rusilko

 is a distinguished professional with a diverse background encompassing international fitness modeling, collegiate athletics, bodybuilding championships, and the prestigious title of two-time Mr. USA. Leveraging his extensive experience, Dr. Rusilko firmly believes in the integration of lifestyle and medicine as the key to achieving a prolonged and enhanced quality of life.

Situated in the heart of Miami Beach, Dr. Rusilko's established practice warmly

welcomes individuals committed to their personal evolution. Employing a patientcentric approach, he tailors treatments based on thorough diagnostics, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions unique to each individual. Dr. Rusilko goes beyond traditional medical interventions, collaborating with patients to strike a harmonious balance between health and reality. As the owner and founder of Lifestyle Medicine's Miami Beach, along with affiliated practices such as Plasticity Rx and Balls Deep Living, Dr. Rusilko's ventures focus on holistic aspects of human well-being, including physicality, mentality, and emotionality.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko's contributions to the field have gained recognition through appearances on various podcasts and features in esteemed publications, from the

NY Post to Ocean Drive Magazine. He is acknowledged for being the youngest

physician to have revolutionized numerous treatment styles in the alternative

medicine field. Dr. Rusilko plans on expanding Lifestyle Medicine into Manhattan

and Morocco in 2024 along with a digital platform that will take the brand globally. 


Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine


- Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (2010)

Mercyhurst College

- BA Health (Biology) in the 3+4 year LECOM

Accelerated Medical Program (2005)

Meadville Area Senior High School

- High School Diploma (2002)


Sport Nutritionist - American Fitness Training of

Athletes (AFTA) (2008)

Empire Medical Training (2010 –2014)

Medical Weight Management, Anti-Aging/HRT

Modalities, Botox/Dysport + Dermal Fillers Administration,

Facial Aesthetics, Sclerotherapy + Mesotherapy Administration, Cosmetic Laser 


Rescue Diver/CPR (2023)

Master Scuba Diver Certification (2024)

Work Experience:

Miami Institute Four Seasons (2011)

International Concierge (2012)

Club Essentia Delano Hotel (2013)

Lifestyle Medicine Buenos Aires (2014)

Lifestyle Medicine Miami Beach (2014)

Plasticity Miami Beach (2020)

Balls Deep Living Adventure Club (2023) 

Non-Medical Experience:

Published Novelist: Omnific (2012) -

- "The Winemakers Dinner"

Trilogy and author of three

novels & two novellas

Event Coordination (2010)

-High-end events for clients

including the Miami Heat,

Remy Martin, and The Chinese Chamber of Commerce

USA Representative to the Mr. World and Mister International Competitions: Mr. USA (2008 + 2010) &

Professional Fitness Model (2005)

International appearances,

public speaking, advertising

media, hosting events, and

fashion show

Public Speaking:

SIME Sweden, A4M (Las Vegas), Royal Society of Medicine (London), Epic Talks


Honors and Awards:

Young Alumnist of the Year

(Mercyhurst College, 2018)

Mr. USA at Mr. World (Korea,


Mr. USA at Mr. International (Taiwan, 2008)

Little Lighthouse Foundation Ambassador (2014

AOA Sports Nutrition, Fitness, and Exercise Media Expert (2010)

Consultant for AOA as a National Expert (2010)

Dean’s Award LECOM (2010)

Mollydooker Winery Ambassador (2008)

Mr. Iron City Champion (2008)

First Place Winner in the Category of Desert

Wine in Pennsylvania's Premium Annual Summer

Competition (2004)

Honors and Awards:

Bodybuilding & Fitness Enthusiast

Former Division I Club Hokey Player (2002-2005)

Hunting, Fishing, Adventure, World Travel &

Extreme Activities

Photography, Videography, Artistry, Guitar &